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After the 2011 World Series, Tom was right in the middle of the post-game celebration with the St. Louis Cardinals until the wee hours of the morning. He is a serious cook whose go-to recipes range from a stellar Coq Au Vin to Chicken Piccata, or a Honey Glazed Salmon with Black Bean Sauce. He is a gamer and will play everything from from Canasta to Madden Football. And he has the best dress-sock collection at Avondale Partners. To say Tom is a multi-faceted guy is an understatement.

Tom joined Avondale Partners in 2009 as an analyst conducting in-depth research on publicly traded securities in the transportation equipment sector. He has developed and maintained complex financial models that assist in the analysis of historical results and the establishment of earnings and cash flow forecasts. And he has regularly facilitated industry conferences and management meetings as part of the due diligence process employed by the Avondale client base. Since 2014, Tom has played an invaluable role as Senior Associate in the Investment Banking division.

The son of a rheumatologist, Tom grew up in Michigan and Iowa and graduated from St. Louis University with a BS/BA in Accounting/Finance. He lists Gladiator, The Dark Knight and Casino among his favorite movies. His go-to band is St. Lucia. And Thomas Sowell, Vince Flynn and Brad Thor are among his favorite authors. Today he lives in Nashville where he remains passionate about University of Michigan athletics and the New England Patriots.

Tom attended the first University of Michigan home night football game and watched the Wolverines beat Notre Dame.